Low Cost Vaccination Clinic

Every Saturday 9:00am – 3:00pm

Package Pricing

1st Year Cat Pack

$ 80

Physical exam, Rabies vaccine, PLP-Distemper, Rhino Calici intranasal/injectable, dewormer (Panacur)

Annual Adult Dog Pack

$ 90

Vaccine exam, DAPPV, Rabies vaccine, heartworm test*

Annual Adult Cat Pack

$ 77.36

Vaccine exam, Feline Rabies vaccine, RCP vaccine, Dewormer

Heartworm Package

$ 56

Physical Exam, Occult Heartworm test

Puppy Pack

$ 80

Physical Exam, DHPP, Dewormer (Panacur), 1 Month of Heartworm Prevention

Kitten Pack(1)***

$ 85

Physical Exam, FELV/FIV test, PLPRCHV Vaccine, Dewormer

Kitten Pack (2)

$ 65

Physical Exam, PLPRCHV Vaccine, Dewormer

Individual Prices


$ 20

Rabies vaccine (Feline)

$ 25

Rabies vaccine (Canine)

$ 15

Feline PLP Distemper vaccine

$ 19

Bordetella (Canine)

$ 13

DHP (Canine)

$ 19

Rhino Calici (Feline)

$ 19

FeLV (Feline)

$ 25

Heartworm Test

$ 39

Felv/FIV Test (Feline)

$ 34

Canine Lepto Vaccine

$ 36

Canine Bivalent Flu

$ 45

These prices are only for the low cost clinic held on Saturdays.

*Discounted price on heartworm tests good only with purchase of heartworm preventative.

**All cats & kittens should be tested for FeLV & FIV before vaccinations at 8 – 12 weeks. FeLV vaccination starts at 12 weeks of age. At 8 weeks we recommend testing and start FeLV vaccination at 12 weeks.

***Kitten pack priced at $70 does not include the FeLV and FIV test. Kitten pack priced at $85 does not include the FeLV vaccine.

To purchase heartworm prevention a we must have a negative heartworm test on file.