At what age should my puppy/kitten be vaccinated?

Our doctors recommend your puppy/kitten begin it’s first round of vaccines at six weeks of age. A booster vaccine is given every three weeks three more times. A rabies vaccine is given at 12 weeks. Please call for more information.

At what age should my dog/cat be spayed or neutered?

Our doctors recommend that you have your pets spayed or neutered at six months. If females can be spayed before their first heat this may prevent most cancers associated with the reproductive organs.

What foods should I not feed my pet.

There are many foods that are safe for humans that may be toxic to your pets. Here is a link to a list of foods that are toxic to your pets.

Can plants be toxic to my pets?

Certain plants that look great in your garden may be extremely toxic to your pets. Here is a link to some plants to avoid.

What should I do if I suspect that my pet may have eaten something it shouldn’t have?

First, try and determine what the pet may have eaten. Second, contact Animal Poison Control. They will advise you on what to do next depending on what your pet may have consoumed.

Can my pets get sick from flea and tick bites?

Fleas and ticks are carries of many diseases. Some of which are “zoonotic”, which means that these diseases are able to infect humans as well. Fleas may carry, typhus, plague, and cat scratch disease, among others. Ticks may carry, lyme disease, ehrlichia, and anaplasmosis. Be sure to ask our staff about our latest flea and tick prevention products.

What are heartworms? Are my pets at risk?

Heartworms are parasites that are spread to dogs and cats when a mosquito carrying microfilaria, “baby heartworms”, bites them. Once inside a host microfilaria migrate to the heart where they grow into adult worms and begin to reproduce. Here is a link to further information regarding Heartworms. Be sure to ask our staff about our latest products in Heartworm prevention.